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At Infrasonic, we offer One-on-One music lessons.
This will help the student to get full attention in the class and learn at their comfortable pace.
A curriculum based learning that builds confidence to play, perform and develop yourself as a musician.
Our teachers are Musically Qualified and Performing Artists.
They bring more experience to the table, both, from teaching and performing world.
To evaluate your Musical knowledge, our Mentors will prepare you for Grade Exams.
Not just learning, we ensure that we build confidence in our students to perform.
We have Music Workshops, Master Class, Performances, Student Recital which adds value to their learning.

Why Infrasonic?

A Few Reasons For Choosing Us.

At Infrasonic We Strive To Be Affordable, Fun, Creative, Soulful, Empathetic, and Innovative.

Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops
29th, 30th, 31st

We Turn 6 Years( Annual Event)

Hello Folks
We appreciate each of you choosing to join the Infrasonic family.
We just finished our 6th Year in March 5, 2023, which wouldn’t have been possible without your support.
I want to express my gratitude to everyone who is here.
Our Teachers & Faculty has chosen to hold the yearly events from March 29th–31st as a token of appreciation!
It would consist of
Let’s Konnect,
Teacher & Student Collaboration and Sing Along ( Solo Teacher Performance Event),
So Get ready and Stay tuned. Good day To Everyone.

Streaming on YouTube On 29th, 30th, 31st March at 18.30 pm (IST) Onwards.

Do Join along with your family and friends.

ABOUT USInfrasonic - Let Music Speak

ABOUT USInfrasonic - Let Music Speak
What Our Students Say
What Our Students Say
My 9-year old son, Vihaan, loves his Hindol Sir. I take this opportunity to acknowledge Hindol has been an excellent guide, friend and a very patient music teacher. Vihaan has been learning Western music since last year and his Music skills have improved significantly and he is more knowledgeable now. Hindol has been patiently guiding him and his attitude is great. He is very polite, soft-spoken and accommodating. I definitely would like to continue this association with Hindol and Infrasonic hoping Vihaan to master western music some day under their continued guidance. THANK YOU Hindol and Rohit! Appreciate your efforts.
Rituparna Adhya
Took up guitar classes over summer, little did i know i would be learning from one of the finest guitarist India has to offer. Besides being extremely skilled at the instrument, Suraz is also one of the most effective instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. This plus a fair price is why I would recommend Infrasonic to just about anyone looking to pick up an instrument, in a heartbeat.
Siddhant Barua
I am a religious Catholic sister. You render a good service in our institution. Thanks a lot to Infrasonic. We are like one family God bless you and continue your good every where is my prayers”.
We are happy and very impressed by the keyboard instructor’s teaching at our institute. Polite, professional and punctual. Good service.
Divya Roddam
Kriti Music Academy
I have been taking both vocals and piano. Vocals with Yogesh and piano with Israel Thomas.  I really love the classes. I have learnt so much and improved so much in a very short period of time. Thank you!
Aditya Verma
I would like to share my experience of learning guitar with Hindol. He is an excellent teacher with immense knowledge and skills. As I am an adult learner he is patient with me and gives me great guidance. Overall I can say that under Hindol’s guidance I have been able to make very good progress in just a few month. Thanks a lot Hindol for your dedication and commitment and thanks to Rohit for assigning me such a great musician as mentor
Pratik Pal
Hi, I am Sudipta, I am learning guitar from Bhargav sir. I am big fan of his playing. His teaching process also really good . The techniques and tricks in his guitar teaching will improve your guitar playing.  Not to think anything, just go with Bhargav sir, you never regret after learning from him. I also had improved lot of things in my playing after learning from him
Sudipta Biswas
I am K. B . Srivardan My bass guitar teacher, Mr. Yogesh, is the most exceptional teacher I have studied under. He understood my  interests and ability to learn and teaches me accordingly. He is a very down to earth person and friendly to approach. His teaching is very simple, makes it easy for me to learn.  I thank him for his dedication. Thank you sir.

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