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LEVEL 1 – Module 1,2,3 (Basic/Beginner) 

The basic program we provide helps students of any age to gain a basic understanding of their instrument using music study material which focuses on posture, finger control, ear training, alphabets on the keys, reading and approach towards music learning.

Introduction to piano (history, development, understanding the different parts of the instrument,)

Introduction to notes

Introduction to rhythm

Exploring different genres & artists

Chromatic scales and contrary motion

Scales and arpeggios 1 octave

Finding note values, rhythm and pitch

Aural training

Identifying different pitches and note values

Introduction to notation

Grand staff

Understanding scales and chords

LEVEL 2 – Module 4,5,6 ( Intermediate ) 

Analysing different parts of the songs

Scales and arpeggios with both hands 4 octaves

Rhythm and melodic dictation

Aural skills ( to be able to identify chord inversions and augmented & diminished)

Studying genres

Introduction to composition

Jamming sessions with other musicians

Introduction to writing solos

Introduction to improvisation

Reading sheet music fluently

Introduction to transposing

Introduction to fusion

Using  pentatonic scales



Experimenting with diatonic and extended chords

Intro to harmony

Experimenting with chord progressions

Understanding Cadences

Odd time signatures

LEVEL 3 – Module 7,8 ( Advanced )

Transcribing songs

Analysing songs


Using key signatures & modulations

Introduction to recording

Basic understanding of studio & equipments

Introduction to music production

Introduction to songwriting

More jamming sessions


Understanding harmony

Chord voicings

Experimenting with cadences

Using Odd time signatures in their compositions

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