Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


With an array of experienced Mentors, Teachers and Performing Artists, We strive to capacite students to brush up their skills in Music. A novel curriculum-based learning approach is followed to match the eligibility criteria for RSL (Rock School of Music)


  1. Follow the practice instructions (minimum time of practice every day) given by your Mentor. There is a famous proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect”.
  2. Be Punctual. Avoid cancellations. A fixed-interval schedule aids good memory.
  3. Pre- preparation; completed assignments and practice is a must. Must-haves are Music Notebook, the instrument, and a pen / pencil.
  4. Make yourself available 5 minutes prior to your class. This will save time. A Stitch in time saves nine!
  5. Ensure you have a good internet connection (preferably broadband) to have an uninterrupted learning experience. Also, check your Laptop / Desktop Audio and Microphone. Ensure that they are functional.
  6. Always keep your Coordinator updated in case you need any assistance with regards to classes like, cancellations, rescheduling, change of slots, breaks and fees as  she is your one point of contact.
  7. Kindly provide 2 hours prior notice to your Coordinator in case you are not able to attend your Music class. We will pass this information to your Music teacher and a compensation class for the same will be arranged as per your Monthly plan (No of Classes per month). Failing which, the class will be counted.

However, the Teacher will wait between 5 minutes to 15 minutes in the class and in case if the student is not present, our Coordinator will get in touch with you and you could continue with the remaining available time as per your class schedule.

For Students taking 50 minutes class

00-15 minutes late in joining, Regular class will be conducted (45 minutes class).

16-30 minutes late in joining, only 25 minutes class will be conducted / rescheduled only in special cases.

For Students taking 25 minutes class

Class will be counted as taken



A student can reschedule one class in a month (for 4 classes per month plan)

A student can reschedule two classes in a month (for 8 classes per month plan)

Avoid carry forward Compensation classes

Booking a Compensation Class

A student can coordinate with our Operations team to book a compensation class. Available slots will be shared with the student to pick and choose at their convenience. Kindly, ensure that you confirm the slot or acknowledge the Compensation slot provided by the Operations team. Once the compensation slot is confirmed or acknowledged by the student, the slot is blocked and notified to the Mentor.

Please note: The Compensation slot details will be sent to the student via WhatsApp and once acknowledged by the student, the slot will be blocked and counted as a class.

A Note: Block the slot only if you are sure of taking the class.


If a class is canceled by the Mentor, we will notify you over call. If unanswered, we will drop a message on WhatsApp or SMS based on your convenience.

A compensation class for the same will be scheduled within that month, ensuring that the student gets all the classes.


Break Duration

The School allows the student to take 15 days ( half month ) or 30 days ( one month ) break. Please Note: We do not have a break policy exceeding 30 days ( one month ) as this will interrupt the student(s) learning progress.


During the Break

To retain the student(s) interest in music, we will provide them learning materials and assignments during the break to ensure that they are glued to music.

Also, the Mentor would recommend 15 to 30 minutes of practice every day during the break.

Oh! What about my slot?

  1. If your time slot is crucial and you would want to retain it, you can block your fixed time slot / slots by paying full month fees. Once you restart, the fees will be adjusted.


  1. We will release your fixed slots and you can pick and choose the available slots when you decide to restart your music lessons.


Payments can be made using electronic payment such as Bank Account or UPI Money transfer.

You have an option to choose between Monthly Payments or our Subscription Plans.     However, the payments are collected in advance.

The fees (Monthly Payments or Subscription) will be collected on or before 10th of every month. This will help us manage our finances and pay our teacher early.

Please note: No Fee Refunds are encouraged, after Student’s Registration.

If a student joins in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th week of a month, the fees will be collected on a prorated basis for that particular month. Full month fees will be collected thereafter.